• Designed to stimulate executive functions and memory retrieval pathways
  • Customized for each client
  • Simple and easy to use memory book format
  • Specifically designed for individuals with limited abilities
  • Speaking icons
  • Hit scoring for clinician evaluation
  • Web-enabled or stand-alone
  • Client's personally editable "about me" area
  • A cursor controlled or touch-screen musical instrument


TBI Refocus allows for custom adaptation by caregivers. The memory book template allows the clinician, or our office, to begin the client’s version of the program with once familiar and hopefully motivating glimpses of previous experience. The need to assemble and identify the included photographs gives family and friends an opportunity to interact with the therapist in a positive way at a time when they most need information and perspective.

Exercises the therapist chooses can be easily downloaded, with assignment icons displayed on the client’s homepage. When the exercises are attempted, time on task and scores achieved are transferred to a progress report page, HIPAA compliant and available to the therapist via internet. We are designing with the needs of a client living at home as our first priority. The TBI Refocus program can evolve and improve in the future, if progress report data can be used to provide feedback to our programmers. (Without client identification, as permitted by law.)

When the cursor passes over a navigation icon, the client will see it as a symbolic image, clearly labeled in large type and a voice message will announce the label. Every page of the program displays navigation cues and, always in the same corner, a large “return to home page” icon. We are working to block pop-ups and other potentially confusing interruptions. In response to comments after our first trials we are increasing print size throughout, which will also help adapt our program to smaller touch screen devices.

The TBI Refocus program is modeled to resemble website navigation and structure, so it provides some computer use training for a recovering client. We refer to it as a protected website, and it can be used on or off line, as necessary. We also think of it as a framework because it can accept and manage programs downloaded into its “framework” by the therapist.

The included reminder pager system operates from the wifi signal produced by the client’s home computer and is free of any service or per call charges. We are currently experimenting with using a sensitive accelerometer in the pager to provide sampling of respiration rate – as we consider this the most robust of vital signs. Our intention is to provide the potential for continuous contact between client and therapist.



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