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Main Page

The main page of the TBI ReFocus program contains a set of icons, each of which will bring the user to a customized series of screens that are designed to help stimulate the user's recognition of people, places and things that they had been familiar with in the past.

As the user moves the cursor over one of the icons on the TBI ReFocus main page, the icon is highlighted and a voice announces the name of the icon, giving the user visual, textual and auditory feedback. When the user clicks on the icon, the program will take her to the chosen subject.

The customizations for each subject in TBI ReFocus are based on materials and information provided by individuals who are close to the user, such as family members, friends and caregivers.

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About Me

The first subject listed on the TBI ReFocus main page is represented by the About Me icon. Clicking on this icon will take the user to an area that contains a brief biography. The contents of this page are provided by the client's family or caregiver, but there is also an expandable area where the user can type in information about himself that he may wish to include.
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