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Sports & Hobbies Page

The Sports & Hobbies page of the TBI ReFocus program is a great area to present subjects that the user has enjoyed participating in or reading about in the past. This can include both sports and hobbies or other forms of recreation and entertainment that might help to stimulate the client's cognitive skills once again.

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The picture to the right is an example of a standard Sports & Hobbies page where the client's family submitted a few pages of information about the hobby of stamp collecting. These pages were then added to the program and linked together for easy navigation.

Enhanced Pages Service

TBI ReFocus provides an additional service where we can help you with the customization of one or more subject area pages*. You will still be able to provide items to be added, but we can also include professionally formatted pages with enhanced text, designs, backgrounds and even music.

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We can also include active links to specific web sites that you wish to include for a particular subject (i.e. a picture that the user clicks on to bring them to the website of their favorite sports team).

Such features may add to the effectiveness and enjoyment for the TBI survivor.

*Additional fees may apply
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